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COVID 19 Update March 29 : Exceeding 2000 counts in Tamil Nadu

Exceeding the count of 2000 new Corona positive cases daily in Tamil Nadu

The increasing novel Corona virus is shaking the state of Tamil Nadu. It is to say that people didn't understand the seriousness of the virus, which is challenging to the doctors and the frontline health workers.

People got used to the word Corona, so it is not as serious as the initial months of 2020. The government keeps announcing the purpose of wearing the mask and maintaining social distancing, but most people are not considering it.

The count of coronavirus exceeded 2000 in daily updates in Tamil Nadu. The spread is severe, and the doctors and the government initiated the control methods by accelerating vaccinations. 

But the public has not taken any initiatives to control the spread; still, the masses are lethargic.

According to the report, the new cases till yesterday is 2,194 wherein few places like Chennai (833), Chengalpattu (188), Coimbatore (180), Thanjavur (108), Thiruvallur (177) have increasing counts of new cases.

The number of death is 11 in the districts of Tiruppur (1), Thiruvallur (2), Thirupathur (1), Kanyakumari (1), Chennai (4), Thanjavur (1), Thiruvarur (1).

It is necessary to follow the government's instructions and to get vaccinated. The mask must be worn when stepped out, and maintaining social distancing in public places will reduce the spread.