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COVID 19 Update April 7: Chennai touched 1303 New Positive Cases

Covid 19 positive cases exceeded 3500 in Tamil Nadu per day

The gradual increase of COVID 19 is peaking in the state of Tamil Nadu. The state was busy yesterday with the Assembly Election 2021.

The safety measures were followed in every polling booths, and the government was strict in wearing the mask and hand covers with sanitation.

Even after all the strict measures, the covid has spread in the state and increased the count to 3645 positive cases.

The new cases were found in high digits in the districts of Chengalpattu (304), Chennai (1303), Coimbatore (281), Kancheepuram (137), Madurai (120), Thanjavur (121), Thiruvallur (165), Trichy (117).

And the number of deaths is 15 in the districts Chengalpattu (5), Chennai (5), Coimbatore (1), Thiruvanamalai (1).

It is important to control the second wave of Corona Virus, and it is necessary to wear the mask and maintain social distance. There arises a  wide range of questions among the public regarding lockdown at this time.

The government will take steps to ensure the wellness of the people, and it is the duty of every individual to make sure to guard oneself against the virus.