COVID 19 Update August 10: Decreasing News Cases In Tamil Nadu


The count of daily covid cases in Tamil Nadu is decreasing in recent days. The cases in Chennai and Coimbatore are high when compared to the other states. The students are highly affected since the schools are shuts for almost more than a year. The time restrictions are in action, which will help in the battles with the coronavirus.

Corona infection has been declining in Tamil Nadu in recent days. The corona impact in Chennai has once again crossed the 200. As per the official report, 1,893 new cases were in Tamil Nadu yesterday, where  1,930 patients were recovered and discharged. 

The action taken by the Tamil Nadu government and the severe curfew reduced the corona when the second wave was at its peak. In this situation, the corona infection, which has increased again in Tamil Nadu, has been declining for the last few days. In this condition, the corona is still slightly reduced today. 

The daily impact has crossed 100 in 4 districts of Chennai, Coimbatore, Chengalpattu and Erode. The districts affected with more than 100 cases are Coimbatore, Tiruppur, Salem and Erode. Infection is on the rise, especially in Erode. And 20,363 are under treatment for COVID 19.

Chennai(209), Chengalpattu (105), Coimbatore (224), Erode (169), Thanjavur(97), Thiruvallur (79), Tiruppur (71), Trichy (68), Thiruvannamalai (50), Salem (92). The death toll is 27 in the last 24 hours,22 died today in government hospitals and 5 in private hospitals. The total death toll from the corona epidemic has risen to 34,367 so far today. 

A total of 1,50,868 samples were tested today, of which 1,893 were confirmed to have corona infection today. The last few days have seen fluctuations in the incidence of corona infection amid fears that the third wave of corona may occur. The impact of Coronavirus in Tamil Nadu today is slightly less than yesterday.