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TN COVID 19 Update March 25: New Mutant Variant

Increasing of COVID 19 cases in Tamil Nadu

COVID 19 positive cases are gradually increasing the Tamil Nadu for the past two weeks, which seems to be challenging. The vaccination process is accelerated at the same time the spread of the virus has also accelerated.

Overall, 1,636 cases are tested positive in Tamil Nadu yesterday, which is higher than yesterday's report. Chengalpattu has 173 positive cases, Chennai 633 positive cases, Coimbatore 147 positive cases, and in Thanjavur, 72 positive cases have been found.

Overall, 12 patients died due to coronavirus in Tamil Nadu, and in Chennai alone, five people died on the same.

The opening of schools, theatres, and malls, offers, and discounts on the streets, crowded buses, election campaigns are few reasons behind the increase of the covid spread.

The schools and colleges are closed again, and the students began their online classes. Holi and Easter are not allowed to celebrate with gatherings, restrictions are given to the public, and if violated, necessary actions will be taken.

People are supposed to wear the mask when stepped out; if they fail, the penalty will be given. It is necessary to sanitize and wash hands after getting back from public places. People forgot about Social distancing, which is more important to avoid the spread.

And to notice, Government announced 'New Mutant Variant' of novel coronavirus detected in India with three variants from the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Brazil.