Covid Positive Cases Continues to Rise In IIT Chennai Campus

Representative Image Of Coronavirus
Representative Image Of Coronavirus

Corona spread is increasing day by day at the IIT Chennai campus. Today, the total number rose to 111 as 32 more people were infected with the corona 19. It is expected that Covid will continue to rise in the upcoming days.

The public has been free from the mask for the past few months, and there is no maintaining of social distance. The Tamil Nadu government has announced that everyone must wear a mask as the covid is not yet over. Corona infections are rising in other states like Karnataka, Maharashtra, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh.

The covid positive was confirmed in 12 students at IIT Chennai last week and has steadily risen since then. Minister for Health and Family Welfare of Tamil Nadu Ma. Subramanian said that the corona infection is increasing due to students coming from the northern states.

It is a must to follow the covid protocols in order to control the spread. It must be back in practice to wear a mask and maintain social distancing in public places. Vaccination is mandatory to safeguard ourselves from the upcoming waves.