Cyclone Michaung: Actor Vishal And Chennai Mayor Priya Controversy

Actor Vishal
Actor Vishal

Chennai Mayor Priya Rajan has responded to actor Vishal, who raised a wild question about Chennai floods. The video posted by actor Vishal went viral on social media.

Due to Cyclone Michaung, the roads in Chennai have been flooded due to heavy rains since the night before dawn. It rained continuously till night yesterday. Electricity was cut in many places across the city. In this situation, actor Vishal released a video questioning the activities of the Chennai Corporation.

Actor-producer Vishal X posted on social networking site, "Hi. First, there was a power cut due to a storm and rain. Then it is usual that water enters the house. Similarly, water entered my house in Anna Nagar. If this fate is in Anna Nagar, think about other places. 2015 As the year progressed, we all got down to work and served the public as much as possible.

Eight years later, it is questionable that it will be worse. What happened to Chennai Corporation's plan for rainwater harvesting/drainage? It is not known. I ask this as a voter. It would be great if the MLAs of Chennai Constituency could come out and fix it. If the MLAs of their respective constituencies come out and help, the public will be safe and confident.

My father and mother, senior citizens in my house, are scared. Now, I find it embarrassing and disgusting that there is water all over the place. The Corporation should come forward to rectify this immediately. Come and help," said Vishal. Vishal's comment created a stir.

Chennai Corporation Mayor Priya Rajan has responded to actor Vishal's video. Regarding this, Mayor Priya has posted on the X site, "Actor Vishal has said that the situation is worse than the 2015 flood during Jayalalithaa's rule. This disaster is not a matter of talking like a movie script and trying to get applause!"

Mayor Priya also commented, "Ministers, government officials and corporation employees are standing in the field to provide all the help they need. Please let me know if you have any requests without trying to be political. The government will fulfil!"