Deadly Summer: Farmers Face Financial Ruin as Cattle Die In Masinagudi

Cattles Found Death In Masinagudi Due To Inadequate Food and Water.
Cattles Found Death In Masinagudi Due To Inadequate Food and Water.

The intense summer heat has hit Tamil Nadu this year before the Agni season could begin, leaving the people to face tiring days due to the heat wave.

The forest fires and drought have affected the cattle and wild animals in popular tourist spots such as Poombarai, Mannacanur, Masinagudi, and a few other places. To add to the problem, even the hill stations have received less summer rain this year.

Since the start of summer vacation, tourists have been flocking to the hill stations of Ooty and Kodaikanal in Nilgiris. The district is busy with the upcoming flower show and other summer events. The district collector, M. Aruna, is taking good initiatives to ensure that the programs and events are well-organized, and the tourists have a great time during their visit.

Cattles Death:

In this situation, in the Quarry area of Masinagudi, many country cows and goats belonging to the locals are found to be dead. It is said that the cattle are dying as there is no food available for them. This has affected the people who rely on cattle for their livelihood, and they are facing financial difficulties with no income. 

The local farmers are appealing to the government for assistance in feeding their cattle, as many of them are dying due to a lack of food and water. This is causing a great financial strain on the farmers who rely on their livestock for their livelihood.

The situation is particularly dire in areas such as Annakatti and Siriyur, where cows and goats are dying at an alarming rate. The dead animals are being left in the Quarry and are being eaten by vultures.