Black Fungus In Tamil Nadu: 2700 people Infected Across Tamil Nadu

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The Public started to panic regarding the black fungus since the number of people infected by this disease is increasing. Dr Mohan Kameswaran, who later met the media, said that the Tamil Nadu government had appointed a 13 member medical team. In Tamil Nadu, the incidence of black fungus is under control. So far, 148 people have died from black fungus.

First, people came in for treatment after the infection is confirmed. Currently, people are coming in early before it could be confirmed. The mortality rate is low because the infection is detected immediately. The Government of Tamil Nadu is taking a different approach in dealing with this disease.

A person working in a private factory in the Kanchipuram district has been cured of the Delta Plus and is now fully recovered. He was diagnosed with coronavirus on May 3 last year, and when the results came said to have a delta plus corona infection.

However, Dr Palani, Deputy Director, Kanchipuram District Health Department, said that he was treated at a private hospital in Tandalam on the day of diagnosing corona infection and is currently recovering well and resting at home.

According to a special medical team, the death toll from black fungus in Tamil Nadu is lower than in other states. An 11-member special committee on black fungal infections is submitted as an interim report to Chief Minister MK Stalin. 

So far, 2,700 people have been affected by black fungus in Tamil Nadu. So far, 148 people have died. The number of deaths due to black fungus in Tamil Nadu is less than in other states. Daily black fungus infection is declining in Tamil Nadu. Necessary action has been taken to combat black fungus. At first, there was a shortage of medicine. But not currently, since the medicines are sufficient for use.

Alternative medicine is being used for treatment. We have the ability to cope with the next wave. The medical department is ready to deal with the impact of this disease. First, people came in for treatment after the infection is confirmed, but now the Public is getting scared and approaching the hospital earlier.

In addition, black fungus is more prevalent in  Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore, Salem and Trichy districts of Tamil Nadu. Black fungus has been reported in only 27 districts in Tamil Nadu.

Meanwhile, ten districts, including Tiruvallur and Kallakurichi, which are very close to Chennai, have not been affected so far. The black fungus does not mutate. India has the highest incidence of black fungus in the world comparatively.

A committee headed by Dr Mohan Kameswaran to study the impact of black fungus in Tamil Nadu today submitted an interim report to Chief Minister MK Stalin at the Chennai General Secretariat.