Disadvantages of online classes for students. Did fee collection is the main goal?

Disadvantages of online classes for students
Disadvantages of online classes for students

Chennai: Tamil Nadu Government has ordered the private schools and colleges to not collect any fees in the pandemic situation. Appealing to the order, private school associations filed in the High Court to reconceal.

On hearing the appeal today, Anand Venkatesh stated that 40% of fees can be collected within August 31 and about the remaining 30%. The Justice ordered to collect only after the reopening of schools that were too within 2 months.

Madras High court Justice Anand Venkatesh also ordered the government advocate to submit a report on the list of schools collecting 100% fees within August 17, 2020, based on the complaint from government advocate Annalakshmi during the hearing.

Though fee-paying is one problem during the lockdown without proper classes, online education happening for even primary kids is another do or die situation for the parents both economically and educationally.

The ultimate requirement for an online class is mobile or laptop, where the affordability will be at peak for many middle-class families in this new normal condition out of CoVid-19.

A mobile costs a minimum 10,000 rupees and a laptop cost a minimum 30,000 rupees in the market. Right from the Beginning of full-fledged online classes all over the country, news like children died due to lack of mobile phones for online education. 

Parents selling their cows to buy smartphones for the children's classes and much more flaunt in the internet surface questioning the advisors to think on the fact deeply.

When the affordability is a huge crisis for many people leading to a misunderstanding between students and parents of their economical status.

With it on one side, another impact of online classes is deterioration in the eyesight of the students due to the long usage of gadgets, which many schools now deny in the mindset to collect fees.

Whatever the end means, continuous sitting near the blue screen whether it is education or not, it is a major health defect for the person despite the knowledge gained,which is a much thinkable criteria in case of small kids.

Apart from the above crisis, parents suffer a lot in online education as they need to sit with their children during class hours to make them study. Despite, some parents feel that projects and worksheets are a stress for them in the day time coping with other works as many kids seek help from the parents to complete it.

Whether a boon or bane, the new normal is ruling the world right from March and continues till August. Let us hope to back normalcy in September at least.