DMDK Leader And Actor Vijayakanth Passed Away Due To Covid At Age 71

DMDK Leader Vijayakanth
DMDK Leader Vijayakanth

DMDK leader Vijayakanth passed away this morning (December 28) at age 71. Earlier, he was given artificial respiration treatment with a ventilator.

DMDK chief Vijayakanth has been in poor health lately. Due to this, he was taken abroad from time to time and received intensive treatment. In this situation, on November 18, he was admitted to MIOT Hospital in Ramapuram due to fever, cold and cough.

He underwent treatment there for almost 15 days. In between, his health deteriorated slightly. In this situation, Vijayakanth got treatment and returned home. He then attended the DMDK general committee meeting.

The people there were deeply saddened to see Vijayakanth's health condition, and the videos went viral on social media. In this situation, yesterday, he was again admitted to MIOT Hospital for a routine checkup. After taking a COVID test, it was confirmed that he tested positive.

He was being treated on a ventilator. In this situation, there have been reports that his health has deteriorated. The doctors said that there was great difficulty in breathing. Following this, he passed away this morning.

Celebrities, his fans, and volunteers are mourning his death. Intense police protection has been deployed in his residence. Social Media is trending with RIP Captain Vijaykanth Posts.