Do the Smart Parking in Chennai Really Doing Good?

Do the Smart Parking in Chennai Really Doing Good
Do the Smart Parking in Chennai Really Doing Good

The parking app gets realized in Chennai - the crying need is fulfilled: Chennai Corporation, as a part of the civic body's "On Street Smart Parking Management System," launches an app that helps you to sniff a solution for the parking concerns hitherto faced in Chennai. The app will help you to find the parking slot near to you and hassle-free will you be henceforth with this solution.

In Chennai, there are areas viz Pondy Bazaar, Purasaiwalkam, and Anna Nagar, which are replete with people. Vehicles will swarm the narrow area and find it extremely difficult to find a parking slot. It is not going to be a hassle going forward and just download the Greater Chennai Corporation Smart Parking (GCC Smart Parking) mobile application. With the help of this application, a parking slot can be found easily.

After downloading this application, it is necessary to fill up the KYC mandates and vehicle details, which will register your details in the app. Wherever you go, this will guide the parking route. The Corporation, along with S.S Tech and Toorkmedia Services, has started to implement the "On Street Smart Parking Management System" in 7667 slots across the city, and so far, the facility is available in Pondy Bazaar, Purasaiwalkam, Besant Nagar and Anna Nagar. Discussions are on with the Highways Department for stretches on Old Mahabalipuram Road, Ennore High Road, and other highways. Post-approval this 7667 slots will increase to 23000 and three months deadline is fixed for the same.

As of now, 500 cameras have been installed, and the numbers will be increased plus 650 soon. The cameras capture multiple parking slots depending on the type of parking like parallel, Angular, and Perpendicular. GCC attendants will be there wearing a uniform, Caps, and shoes and collect money for the parking slot. As of now, a 20% slot is allotted for two-wheeler and 5% for physically challenged.

The charges are capped at Rs 20 for cars and Rs 5 for two-wheeler per hour. Up to 8 hours, the parking is allowed in a spot post which penalty will be induced. This is to zero out the pavement parking in the coming days. "The motive behind this is to challenge the traffic hazards and haphazard parking and to allow pedestrians to move freely," said Raj Cherubal, CEO, Chennai Smart City Ltd. No longer driving around for locating parking slots is needed. The best is a few moments away.