Drug Trafficking Case: ED Conducts Raid At Director Ameer House

Director Ameer
Director Ameer

Enforcement department officials are conducting raids at 25 places in Chennai today (April 09) on the complaint of drug trafficking in Tamil Nadu.

In connection with the case of drug trafficking, the enforcement department officials have conducted raids in more than 30 places, including Jaffer Sadiq's house, director Ameer's house and office in Chennai since the morning of April 9.

Previously, Jaffer Sadiq was arrested on charges of smuggling narcotics from India to different countries like New Zealand and Australia under the guise of exporting food. As per his statement, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has called in Tamil film actor and director Ameer for questioning.

On the 2nd, Ameer went to the NCP headquarters in Delhi with his lawyers. He was questioned for several hours, and his statements were recorded. He was informed that he may have to attend another hearing if required. In this case, since this morning, the enforcement department has been checking the office and house of director Ameer.