Erode: Wife Killed By Husband And His Family Over Property Issue

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The husband brutally killed his wife and created a drama stating that the wife died due to a heart attack while breastfeeding her 5-month-old baby.

Madhan and Poorni got into a relationship during college. They both eloped and got married against the family. They both worked in an IT company in Bangalore. In this situation, Poorni delivered a baby. The argument sprouted between the two, and they had frequent fights.

Poorni's family members said to the police that she was not sent home even during her pregnancy. Also, Poorni was restricted by Mathan's family to talk to her family after their marriage.

 In this case, Poorni was admitted to the hospital by her husband Madhan, saying that she fainted while breastfeeding her baby. The doctor confirmed that she passed away.

Hearing this, Madhan created a huge drama and gathered sympathy from Poorni's family and relatives. But still, Poorni's family members had suspicions of Madhan's family. When the autopsy reports were revealed, they came to know that Poorni was strangled to death.

Later, after the investigation, it was clear that Madhan, his mother and father together planned and killed Poorni and acted innocent during her funeral. Following this, the three absconded. Later, the police captured and arrested the Madhan and his parents.