Father Sexual Abuse On Own Daughter And Made Her 7 Months Pregnant

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Police have arrested a father who sexually abused his daughter, made her pregnant near Karambakudy under the Pocso Act, and remanded him in custody.

Sekar hails from Karambakkudi area of ​​Pudukkottai district. He has lost his wife and is living alone with his daughter. He is said to have repeatedly sexually abused his daughter, who was alone in the situation. Following this, the father took his seven-month pregnant daughter to the Tanjore Government Hospital for treatment. The doctors inquired about this and were shocked.

The girl claimed that her father forced her and sexually abused her many times. This shocked doctors, and they informed the Alangudi All Women's Police Station. Following this, the Alangudi All Women's Police Station arrested the father, Sekar, under the Pocso Act, who had sexually abused his own daughter, produced him in court and remanded him in custody.

Many incidents are happening around Tamil Nadu. Daily news regarding this king of sexual abuse comes to great shock. The very recent incident where a Vadapalani School Girl studying the eighth standard was gang-raped by her friends after becoming a drug addict is still in talks. These kinds of happening are becoming a daily incident.

Strict punishment must be given against the rapist, and the parents must take moral responsibility for the children's growth. Few restrictions are a must when it comes to parenting female children.