Flight Services Resumed In Chennai After the Heavy Rain Settles

Image Credit: Chennai (MAA) Airport
Image Credit: Chennai (MAA) Airport

Heavy rain and cyclone Michuang has caused a huge impact in Chennai. After pouring heavily, the rain stopped, and Chennai is gradually returning to normal.

Due to heavy rain, transportation was badly affected. The local trains, metro, bus and airport services were closed temporarily. There were delays in the flights due to the cyclone. The cars and other vehicles stopped in the parking areas were wiped away in the rain. The two-wheelers were stuck on the stagnant roads.

In this situation, the airport was also filled with water, and the flights were cancelled. Two flights from Abu Dhabi to Chennai, two flights from Dubai and six flights from Bahrain and Mumbai were diverted to Bangalore as they could not land in Chennai.

Since the water had drained and the rain had stopped, the flight service was resumed at 9 o'clock. Although the flight service was started, the number of flights operated was limited. One hundred seventy-seven flights have been cancelled today. As per the Chennai MAA Airport update, the Airfield is now open for all arrival and departure operations.

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