Herd Of Elephants Entered Village In Thondamuthur Coimbatore

Herd of Elephants in Coimbatore
Herd of Elephants in Coimbatore

A group of elephants entered a village near Thondamuthur in Coimbatore this morning, causing panic among the public, who chased them away into the forest.

Animals suffer more than humans during Summer. Every summer, we witness animals' deaths. Insufficient water and dry forests are the key reasons for the deaths of animals, including livestock.

During the summer, wild animals, especially elephants, often enter villages in search of food and water. Recently, a herd of elephants entered a village near Dhaliyur Road, near Thondamuthur. This caused a stir in the locality.

The number of elephants was more than eight, and among them, there were only female adult elephants. Additionally, there were a few calves with them, and the females were in a state of panic while crossing the road. To safeguard the calves, the adult elephants showed some aggression. During their crossing, there was a slight traffic disruption on the road.n the road.

The locals requested that the forest department take necessary action to prevent elephants from entering the villages.