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Masinagudi Tiger Attack: High Court Ordered To Capture T23 Tiger Alive

Representative Tiger Image

A male Tiger recently killed four people in Masinagudi and Gudalur in the Nilgiris district. Following the attack, the public staged a protest to capture or to shoot the Tiger. 

The order to hunt MDT23 was issued since the animal killed four people near the tiger reserve. And now Chief justice of Madras High court ordered not to kill the Tiger instead capture it.

The task of capturing the killer tiger, the T23, took place on the 10th day yesterday. Then the forest department received information that a tiger was walking in the Singara forest. Foresters immediately went there and engaged in a search hunt.

It was also reported that a tiger was walking in the forest about a kilometre away from the forest check post on the Masinagudi-Mysore road. Immediately, the forest department set up seats on Kumki elephants in search of the Tiger. 

Tamil Nadu Chief Wildlife Conservator Shekhar Kumar Niraj and veterinarians with anaesthetic injection guns mounted on Kumki elephants. They then rushed to the forest where the Tiger was said to have walked. But the Tiger escaped and was not found. 

Meanwhile, the forest department is currently encircling the T23 Tiger in the Singara forest as part of an 11-day intensive search hunt. The forest department is making a serious effort to capture the Tiger by giving it anaesthesia. The Tiger is expected to be caught soon.

Meanwhile, dogs belonging to the Chippiparai breed trained at Andipatti in the Theni district have been brought in the task of capturing the killer tiger T23. Kanni, Sippiparai, Rajapalayam and kombai are the most hunted dog breeds in Tamil Nadu.

In this situation, the Chennai High Court has advised the forest department not to kill the Tiger that is under search. The court also said that a limited crew could go in to capture the Tiger as the grouping may disturb the other animals in the forest.