How BJP Vote Share Rises in TN? Annamalai Marked History?

BJP State President Annamalai
BJP State President Annamalai

The BJP's defeat, despite the positive expectations among its followers in Tamil Nadu, has come as a disappointment. However, the achievement made by the BJP party with its vote count in Tamil Nadu in this Lok Sabha Election 2024 is noteworthy. BJP candidate Annamalai caused a significant shift in the vote counts in Tamil Nadu during this election.

BJP Annamalai's Vote Difference in Election 2024:

BJP candidate Annamalai has shocked the nation by gaining a above average number of votes in Taml Nadu than any other year in this Lok Sabha Election 2024. Although Annamalai was defeated by DMK, the difference between DMK and BJP was just 118068.

The Coimbatore DMK candidate, Ganapathy Rajkumar P, won 568200 votes, while the BJP candidate received 450132 votes from the people of Coimbatore. It is reported that the majority of the youth supported Annamalai, which contributed to the good overall vote count.

Annamalai's Tweet Following His Loss:

Tamil Nadu BJP state President Annamalai wrote on his X, "I bow down to the people of the Coimbatore Parliamentary constituency and thank the 4.5 Lakh voters who bestowed their faith in NDA BJP4TamilNadu. You believed in the vision of our Hon. PM Shri Narendra Modi avl for his Viksit Bharat. You have given us historic votes in the history of Coimbatore PC for NDA, and still, we were short of the winning mark.

I congratulate and convey my best wishes to the winning DMK candidate of Coimbatore, Thiru Raj Kumar avl. I take this opportunity also to wish the candidates from other political parties and the independent candidates who participated in the race to win the people's mandate to be Coimbatore PC's Member of Parliament.

Finally, I assure the loving people of Kovai that we will double our efforts to win your love & mandate in the future".

Annamalai Press Meet After Lok Sabha Election 2024 Result:

In his first interaction with journalists following the election results on Tuesday, Mr. Annamalai, who unsuccessfully ran for the Coimbatore seat, stated, "Our target in Tamil Nadu was to secure 20% of the votes. With the support of our allies, we anticipated nearly 25% vote share for the NDA. However, we fell short of this goal. 

Although it is unfortunate that our alliance couldn't secure any parliamentary seats from the State, we performed well overall. This experience is a learning opportunity for us. We will analyze our performance across all constituencies and make the necessary course corrections."

According to Annamalai, the BJP increased its vote share without resorting to cash-for-votes tactics or allying with Dravidian parties. "We pushed the AIADMK to third place in some constituencies. The AIADMK's vote share has been declining since the 2014 Lok Sabha election. Even the DMK's vote share dropped by around six percentage points in this election compared to 2019," he noted.

When asked if he had been "overconfident" about the BJP's performance before the election, Annamalai responded, "I remain confident and believe we will capture power in the State in 2026. Despite being in power continuously for the past 25 years in Odisha, the BJD was defeated by the BJP. One day, the same will happen in Tamil Nadu." 

BJP State President Annamalai mentioned that Tamil Nadu would likely have a coalition government in 2026. He also extended his congratulations to the Naam Tamilar Katchi, despite their ideological differences, for contesting independently on a new symbol and achieving a significant vote share without engaging in cash-for-votes practices.

BJP State President Annamalai:

K. Annamalai, once a distinguished Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer, is now making waves in Tamil Nadu politics as the President of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the State. Known for his dynamic leadership and dedication to public service, Annamalai's transition from an IAS officer to a key political figure marks a significant chapter in Tamil Nadu's political landscape.

Transition to Politics:

In 2019, Annamalai made the bold decision to resign from the IAS, expressing his desire to engage more directly with the public and drive tangible changepeople'slitical journey commenced PC'sugust 2020 when he officially joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). This move was seen as a strategic effort by the BJP to bolster its presence in Tamil Nadu, leveraging Annamalai's popularity and clean image.

Political Career:

Annamalai's rise within the BJP was swift. In July 2021, he was appointed as the President of BJP Tamil Nadu, reflecting the party's intent to rejuvenate its cadre and expand its influence in a state traAnnamalai'sdominated by Dravidian parties such as the DMK and AIADMK.

As state president, Annamalai has sped the party's campaigns, focusing on grassroots mobilization and outreach programs and using his administrative experience to tackle local issues.