Tamil Film maker SP Jananathan found unconscious

S. P. Jananathan
S. P. Jananathan

SP Jananathan Indian filmmaker who worked in the Tamil film industry has been admitted to the hospital in Chennai due to a brain hemorrhage. He has done many notable movies in Tamil, namely Iyarkai, which received National Film Award for the best feature film in Tamil, E, Peranmai, Bhoologam, and Laabam.

He is a screenwriter and also a producer. And currently, he is undergoing treatment in the private hospital being in ICU. He was found unconsciously fainted at his home two days before and was admitted to the hospital.

Vijay Sethupathi is working on his film Laabam and noticed director Jaganathan was sick in his recent days. Vijay Sethupathi and Shruthi Hassan act in the movie Laabam.

 Kadhal, Saranya is currently working in the director's office, and she spoke to the media saying Vijay sethupathi tried to wake him, but he didn't open his eyes nor respond to him; Vijay got upset and said that he is my director, and will try my best to wake him up.

Saranya continues by saying that Jaganadhan is under treatment, and doctors have said that there is some improvement in his treatment.