Kallakurichi 12th Student Srimathi Suicide Case In Detail

Srimathi Suicide Case
Srimathi Suicide Case

A Private Matric Higher Secondary School is running in Kanyamoor village near Kallakurichi. In this school, a 17-year-old girl Srimathi from Periya Nesalur village of Cuddalore district, was studying in class 12th residing in the school hostel. In this situation, it is said that Student Srimathi committed suicide by jumping down from the school's hostel floor on Tuesday (July 12).

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The school principal contacted Srimathi's parents via phone the next day and said their daughter had fallen from the floor. After this, they called again in half an hour and said the Student had died. It is said that the Student Srimathi was not taken to hospital in an ambulance, and the school administration took the body to Kallakurichi Government Medical College Hospital without informing the Police and kept it in the mortuary for autopsy.

Knowing this, Srimathi's mother rushed to Kallakurichi Government Hospital. After seeing her daughter's body, she has many questions to ask the school management. Srimathi's mother said that there was injury only on Srimathi's head and wounds on her body, but her hands and legs were proper.

She complained to the family and village elders about the injuries on his daughter Srimathi's body. Following this, the villagers besieged the private school near Kallakurichi, in which more than 200 people joined in the protest, and they engaged in the blockade of the highways.

After this, Srimathi's mother filed a complaint at Chinna Salem Police Station. In that petition, "The school has said that my daughter committed suicide by jumping down from the hostel floor of the school. But there is a suspicion in my daughter's death." The Chinna Salem police station registered a case based on suspicious death and was investigating. 

Also, the school administrators and school teachers involved in this are also being personally investigated by the Police. In this situation, the Student's autopsy was conducted at Kallakurichi Government Medical College Hospital. In this situation, more than 200 of her relatives gathered for the second day and staged protests at Kallakurichi Government Medical College Hospital, demanding Justice for the Student Srimathi's death and immediate arrest of the school administrators and closure of the concerned private school.

A large number of people gathered before the post-mortem venue. Thye demanded that action should be taken against the school management responsible for Srimathi's death, and all the investigating officers, including the Police, were accused of working in favour of the school management.

Srimathi's parents and relatives argued with the Police, saying that they would not buy the body until Justice was done for the Student's death. More than 200 people suddenly formed a road blockade on the road in front of Kallakurichi Government Medical College Hospital. 

The Police who had gathered there then negotiated with the road blockers, but as they did not disperse, they arranged to arrest them at one point.

However, the Student's relatives continued their protest, saying they would continue to fight for Justice. Meanwhile, members of various political parties came to Kallakurichi Government Medical College Hospital to see the body of the Student. They condoled with the Student's parents, creating a stir on the hospital premises. As of now, two teachers have been arrested following the investigations.

Police have taken a letter from Student Srimathi's bag mentioning that she committed suicide because her teachers yelled at her in front of her classmates and friends. She also apologised to her parents and friends and requested the school management return her school fees to her parents.

Meanwhile, Srimathi's mother had released a video with allegations, " When her daughter committed suicide by jumping from the floor, why should the school management send her to the hospital for physical examination without the knowledge of the police?" Why did they give information contradicting themselves? Where did the Police get the copy of her daughter's letter? She also alleged that there is no answer to various questions, such as why the CCTV footage in the school was not shown clearly.

Srimathi's mother also said she tried to quit the school, but they refused to give her the Transfer Certificate. And, note she mentioned that already seven students had committed suicide in this school earlier. She also has a doubt about whether her daughter wrote the letter because she was not allowed inside when the Police took Srimathi's letter from her school bag.

Likewise, many questions are running in the minds of the Student's family and also the ones who are aware of student Srimathi's case. It is required from the most to fight for Justice. Following this hashtag, Justice for Srimathi is trending on social media.