Kallakurichi Tragedy: TVK Vijay And Annamalai Accuses TN Govt

Kallakurichi Tragedy
Kallakurichi Tragedy

35 died and around 70 were hospitalized after consuming the illicit liquor in Kallakurichi. The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and TVK leader reacts to the incident on their X accounts.

Kallakurichi Tragedy:

In Kallakuruchi, 35 were killed due to their consumption of illicit liquor on June 18, and around 70 others including 6 women and a transgender who consumed the hooch were hospitalized and getting treatment for the Kallakuruchi, Villupuram, Salem, and Puducherry.

In this case, the illicit alcohol they consumed was sent to be tested in Villupuram Forensic Laboratory. The search found that the hooch contained toxic Methanol, which resulted in the death of 35.

The persons who drank the hooch underwent symptoms of vomiting sensations, nausea, eye irritation, stomach pain, and headaches. Many died in the hospitals even after receiving proper treatment.

The police immediately took action and arrested K Kannukutti, 49, after finding his connection to the case and seized 200 liters of illicit liquor. The death rate increased from 29 to 35 today and this news shocked the Kallakuruchi people and created a lot of political stir over the issue. 

The Kallkurchi district collector MS Prasanth visited the Government Medical College Hospital to check the patient's condition directly.

CM Stalin On Kallakurchi Tragedy: 

In response to the hooch tragedy in Tamil Nadu, Chief Minister Stalin has taken decisive actions. He ordered a CB-CID investigation to ensure a thorough inquiry into the incident. In addition to that, he started actions against officials who were supposed responsible for failing to prevent the tragedy.

As part of these actions, Kallakurichi District Collector Sravan Kumar Jatavath has been transferred from his position. Furthermore, Superintendent of Police Samay Singh Meena has been suspended. 

The official statement also noted that nine other police personnel, including some from the prohibition wing of Kallakurichi district, have been suspended as well.

Stalin also assured that actions would be taken against whoever was involved in the case and wrote on his X account, "I was shocked and saddened to hear the news of the deaths of people who had consumed adulterated liquor in Kallakurichi. Those involved in the crime have been arrested in this matter. 

Action has also been taken against the officials who failed to prevent it. Immediate action will be taken if the public is informed about those involved in such crimes. 

Such crimes that ruin society will be suppressed with an iron fist. I strongly condemn that the Tamil Nadu government should take strict precautionary measures to prevent such incidents from happening in the future."

TVK Vijay Reacts To Kallakuruchi Tragedy:

TVK (Tamilaga Vetri Kalagam) leader Vijay reacted to this tragic incident in Kallakurichi considering the seriousness of the issue condemned the Tamil Nadu government for its carelessness as it happened last year and rushed the government to take action immediately 

TVK leader Vijay wrote, "The news of the death of more than 25 people after consuming fake liquor in Karunapuram area of ​​Kallakurichi district is shocking and heartbreaking. I offer my deepest condolences to the families of the deceased and pray to God for the speedy recovery of those who are undergoing treatment.

The fact that such an incident has occurred again shows the indifference of the government administration when it has not yet fully recovered from the tragedy of the loss of many lives due to the same incident last year.

I strongly request that the Tamil Nadu government should take strict precautionary measures to prevent such incidents from happening in the future."

In this case, Vijay is about to turn 50 on June 22 and fans are eagerly waiting for his birthday celebration. In this situation, there is also news spread around that Thalapathy Vijay decided not to celebrate his birthday due to the tragic incident that killed 29 and put people's lives at risk. 

BJP Annamalai On Kallakurchi Tragedy:

BJP leader of Tamil Nadu Annamalai also wrote on his X account over the issue, "Deeply saddened by the tragic death of 35 invaluable lives after consuming illicit liquor in Kallakurichi. On behalf of BJP4TamilNadu

 we will be visiting Kallakurichi to share the sorrows of the families who have lost their dear ones in this dreaded incident. 

BJP4TamilNadu extends its fullest support to the bereaved families. The deaths caused by illicit liquor in the past 2 years under the DMK regime in Tamil Nadu have decelerated Tamil Nadu by 4 decades, taking us back to the 1980s. 

Taking moral responsibility for the valuable lives lost, we demanded yesterday that Thiru MKStalin avl immediately dismiss the Prohibition Minister. We request the Chief Minister to ponder if he has the righteousness to continue in his position after the gruesome death of over 60 lives due to illicit liquor in the last 2 years. 

On behalf of BJP4TamilNadu, we will be carrying out a state-wide protest against the incompetency of the DMK govt in curbing the production and sale of illicit liquor in Tamil Nadu on the 22nd of June 2024."