Kilambakkam Bus Terminal: 100 Low Floor Buses To Enhance Convenience

 Kelambakkam Bus Terminal
Kelambakkam Bus Terminal

The release of information about 100 low-floor government buses has come amid demands for additional facilities at the Kilambakkam Bus Terminal. While the newly opened Kelambakkam bus stand has garnered public demand for essential amenities, including city buses, challenges have arisen in implementing the transport department's instruction for omnibuses serving southern districts to pick up and drop passengers at Kelambakkam station. 

This directive has faced opposition from Omni Bus owners, leading to an announcement that Omnibuses will continue to operate from Koyembedu until comprehensive facilities are provided at Kilambakkam.

Amidst these developments, the Municipal Transport Corporation (MTC) has submitted a letter to the CMDA requesting financial assistance of 91 crore rupees. This funding is sought to facilitate the purchase of 100 low-floor buses to enhance commuter convenience.

The letter highlights the current scenario of 3,233 city buses operating on 659 routes in Chennai, with increased demand following the opening of Kilambakkam Bus Station. The MTC proposes to modify the operation of 298 buses on 2,990 daily trips to serve Kilambakkam, necessitating the purchase of new buses equipped with advanced features. 

The MTC emphasizes the urgency of the financial support from the CMDA fund to cover the costs associated with acquiring these buses.

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