Kilambakkam Bus Stand To Upgrade Public Facilities Due To Complaints

Kilambakkam Bus Stand
Kilambakkam Bus Stand

Minister Sekhar Babu has said that CMDA has allocated Rs.20 crore to railways to speed up the work on the railway station, which is going to be built next to the Kilambakkam Centenary Bus Stand.

There have been numerous complaints since the day the new bus stand was inaugurated at Kilambakkam. Many commuters who are not aware of this shift are struggling to travel from Koyembedu to Kilambakkam. Passengers find it challenging to walk for more than a kilometre inside the bus stand to board the buses. Commuters are utterly bewildered and are unaware of how to access the new bus stand at Kilambakkam.

Minister Shekhar Babu inspected the newly opened  Kilambakkam Centenary Bus Stand in Chennai today. After the inspection, Minister Shekhar Babu said, " Kilambakkam Centenary Bus Stand is functioning for the 6th day today. More than 5 thousand passengers use this bus station every day. The authorities provide all the basic facilities the passengers require daily.

Spread over 86 acres, this bus stand is considered the largest bus stand in India. If you look at the scheduled time of the bus station and the time it is in use, you can see that the traffic has increased.

While planning the bus stand, all the necessary work should be completed for the next 50 years. It was decided to construct this bus station in 2013, the contract was sought in 2018, and the work started in 2019, but only 30 per cent of the work was completed. We built the rest of the works and many basic facilities.

Once the bus stand is operational, even minor issues are taken into consideration and are being implemented in full swing. Yesterday there was a complaint from the parents that two school students were being harmed due to the bus plying on the service road.

In this matter, it has been decided not to allow buses on the service road in the mornings and evenings when the school is functioning to create a temporary lane behind the school.

Also, three additional battery cars have been purchased as the location of the long-distance buses is far from the city buses. Also, the work of removing the wall obstructing the passengers is going on. The park will be operational in February. The construction work of the upcoming police station will be started before Pongal ends.

Twenty crores have been given to the Railways by the CMDA to speed up the work of the railway station to be built adjacent to the Kilambakkam Bus Stand. We will consult with the railway authorities to speed up the work on the railway station.

It has been decided to construct an overbridge to avoid accidents when the bus stand becomes fully operational. It is also planned to complete the station under construction at Mudichur in Chennai to stop Omni buses," he said.

It is expected that there will be many major upgrades in and out of the Kilambakkam Centenary Bus Stand following the complaints raised by the public.