Kongunad Hospital and PSG hospital Cares Covid patients next to Govt Hospital

Kongunad Hospital and PSG hospital Cares Covid patients
Kongunad Hospital and PSG hospital Cares Covid patients

On account of the COVID outbreak, the government approved some private hospitals to treat corona. It allotted particular well organized and equipped hospitals in each district. In Coimbatore, ten private hospitals were permitted to treat COVID-19 patients.

Many hospitals took corona as an outlay, and costing more money is unjustifiable. Though government hospitals are doing great in corona treatment for free, some people want to dissolve their money in private hospitals. They exploit this opportunity to deceive money from patients.

Private hospitals swindle money

Taking advantage of government hospitals downside like no beds for new COVID patients, some people approach private hospitals for corona treatment. They have not been approving insurance even for people's sake but demands to pay the bill in cash. They insist patients deposit two lakhs before starting treatment. This advance deposits are totally unreasonable and threaten people for life.

The Mild and asymptomatic patients receive 3 to 5 lakh bill for nothing. The cost of consumables such as PPE kits, goggles, footwear, sanitizers, and disinfectants is overpriced, which is an additional requirement for COVID patients treatment.

According to the government rules, there should be 50 to 60 beds in isolation wards. But some reports prove these hospitals don't have enough beds to treat their Corona patients. In case the COVID patients have other health problems like lung infections,  who need to be treated in ICU, get to pay double the amount.

Kongunad Hospital and PSG hospital

Among those ten hospitals, few private hospitals are not ready to acclaim insurance for the COVID treatment. The best Multispecialty hospital in Coimbatore, PSG Hospital and Kongunad hospital has approved insurance for their COVID patients. They cost fairly for their treatments, merely up to 1 lakh as highest, and claimes STAR health insurance and other insurance as well.

Unlike other hospitals, they have adequate facilities and required equipment to treat their COVID patients. Providing separate beds for their patients and offering needed attention and care are highly appreciatable.