Lalithaa Jewellery Trichy robbed of more than 13 crores

Lalithaa Jewellery Trichy Robbery

Lalithaa Jewellery Trichy Robbery

Lalithaa Jewellery Trichy robbed of more than 13 crores on October 2nd

On Gandhi Jayanti day, Lalithaa Jewellery staff in Trichy were shocked when they opened the shop on October 2nd morning. Big hole made in the rear side of the Lalithaa Jewellery the said heist has been done.

Trichy police are now in full swing to catch the culprits. They are now under tremendous pressure as a similar robbery on November 1st, 2018 of a bank in Trichy.  There is no breakthrough in the bank robbery so far.

Trichy Police Commissioner Amalraj visit  Lalithaa Jewellery

As soon as the Lalithaa Jewellery staff complained to the patrol police yesterday at 8 AM, police swung into action. Sniffer dogs were brought to the spot, CCTV cameras were examined, lodges were being raided across Trichy, and the police take many such efforts. 

Also, the Trichy city Police Commissioner Amalraj swiftly came to the spot and gave instructions to speed up the investigation. Also, deputy commissioners of Trichy police Mayil Vaganan and Nisha are supervising the investigation.

How did the robbers carry out this Hollywood style heist in Trichy?

Already Trichy police are breaking their heads to find out the robbers behind the eleven months old robbery in a bank in Trichy on November 1st.  Now a similar theft has occurred. But when the Trichy police find the robbers behind it, they may also find the person behind the bank robbery.

The backside of the three-story Lalithaa Jewellery is on the open space which belongs to a private educational institution. Yesterday night robbers made a hole on it to the size by which a man could enter it. 

At 2 AM on October 2nd two animal face, masked robbers came into the hole and robbed Lalithaa Jewellery to the tune of Rs. 13 crores. They were also seen in CCTV cameras of changing the jewels taken inside the Lalithaa Jewellery into another bag. The robbers have used gloves, chili powder and were wearing masks not to be found by the police.

Several questions unanswered in the Lalithaa Jewellery heist

Though the shop is located on the Karur bypass road near the busy Chathiram bus stand of Trichy, the robbers easily carried out this heist. It raises many questions like

  • How could the robbers drill a hole in a busy area like Chathiram bus stand?
  • How did the six security personnel not even hear the drilling sound?
  • Were there only two robbers who entered the jewelers or how many are involved?
  • How did the robbers know the boxes of jewels which are easy to open?
  • Is there anyone from the jewelers involved in the heist?
  • And many more such questions only will be answered, if the Trichy police find the culprits.

Lalithaa Jewellery Trichy robbed of more than 13 crores