Lok Sabha Election 2024: PM Modi Campaigning At Tamil Nadu

PM Modi Road Show In Chennai
PM Modi Road Show In Chennai

The parliamentary elections of 2024 are scheduled for April 19, which is just a few days away. The election campaign is currently in full swing, with political party leaders and candidates actively camping in various areas to meet people and gain support.

In this regard, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has visited Tamil Nadu 6 times, came to Tamil Nadu for the 7th time yesterday on a 2-day trip to participate in the Road Show held in Chennai. His roadshow at Coimbatore RS Puram on March 18 was celebrated by the BJP candidates.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a grand vehicle rally yesterday in Pondi Bazaar, Chennai in support of BJP candidates. Then people gathered on both sides of the road and welcomed the Prime Minister enthusiastically.

In this situation, Prime Minister Modi, who left Chennai for Vellore this morning, participated in a grand public meeting there to gather support for the candidate AC Shanmugam. Prime Minister Modi participated in a public meeting at Vellore at 10.30 am.

After this he will go to Coimbatore. From there, Prime Minister Modi will go to Mettupalayam, where he will participate in a grand public meeting with BJP candidates L. Murugan (Nilgiris), Annamalai (Coimbatore), K. Vasantarajan (Pollachi), AP Muruganandam (Tirupur), KP Ramalingam (Namakkal) B. Vijayakumar (Erode) N. Annadurai (Salem).