LTTE Leader Prabhakaran Is Alive? Shocking Information Leaked?

LTTE Leader Prabhakaran
LTTE Leader Prabhakaran

Ex-national CongressmanPhaza Nedumaran has said that LTTE leader Prabhakaran is alive.

The President of the World Tamil Council, Nedumaran, met the media today in Thanjavur. Speaking then, Tamil National Party leader Prabhakaran is healthy and alive. Prabhakaran being healthy will give confidence to Elamites. 

Misinformation has been spread about Prabhakaran. We are in touch with him. The press meet is being held with Prabhakaran's permission. Prabhakaran's wife and daughter are also safe. He will come before the people at the right time. 

The whereabouts of Prabhakaran cannot be announced at this time. Tamilnadu government and people should support Prabhakaran. We are making this announcement because the Rajapakse regime has come to an end in Sri Lanka. This is what he said.

This has brought a huge shock among the politicians and Tamils. Following this press release, the LTTE Prabharan hashtag is trending on Twitter.