Madurai under lock down now, know the next districts in line

Madurai under lock down now, know the next districts in line
Madurai under lock down now, know the next districts in line

COVID 19 deaths crossed 14,000 in India, with more than 1,000 deaths in the last two days as per the health ministry reports. But the infection cases for the third consecutive day did not cross the peak of 15,372 with only 14,778 cases yesterday, June 22 in India. But in Tamil Nadu for the last three days, there are a new high number of cases with today's 2,710 cases.

The number of cases is steadily around 1500 in Chennai for the past week despite the increase in tests. But now the big worry is the steady increase of cases in other districts where there are rumors of lockdown similar to Chennai. Already Madurai has announced lockdown from midnight of June 23 until June 30 with mostly similar restrictions as in Chennai. 

Lockdown rumours in many Tamil Nadu districts

Out of the 2,710 cases yesterday, 1223 were from other districts apart from the Chennai tally of 1487. While Chennai and its three neighboring infection cases are under control now, many districts see a steady increase in their number of cases. There are also many instances of public announcements in many districts of not to allow Chennai people.

It is because of the fear of them spreading the infection to the people in the districts. Even after few district collectors warning of not allowing Chennai citizens, due to the lockdown, it is alleged that 2 lakh people have left Chennai for many districts. And they are seen as the spreaders of the infection in these districts.

Districts under threat of lockdown: The rumored districts of lockdown are the ones with an increased number of cases in the last four days and include

  • Madurai - 157 new cases to 849
  • Cuddalore - 63 to 823
  • Ranipet - 52 to 525
  • Tiruvannamalai - 139 to 1,199
  • Toothukudi - 62 to 639
  • Vellore - 13 to 491
  • A fresh spurt of cases in other districts

Yesterday, the number of cases increasing in new districts included Tiruchy 57, Thanjavur49, Villupuram 41, Theni 33, and Sivaganga 36. Now it is time for the district administration and the people to be prepared and cautious of not allowing the spread of coronavirus infection in the districts.

It is because many of these districts do not have the medical facilities like Chennai to cope with the increasing number of COVID 19 patients. And with people freely moving in these districts, there may be chances of an increase in the spread of coronavirus cases.

Hence it is time for all to be safe from this deadly pathogen, which has infected more than 9 million worldwide and killed 474,237 people so far.