Man Killed In Chennai By Simbu Car Runs, T. Rajendar absconded?

T. Rajendar
T. Rajendar

T. Rajender is a multi-talented actor, director, producer, narrator and musician in the Tamil film industry. He went by car with his family last Friday, that is on 18th March. At that time, his car collided with Munuswamy, who was trying to cross the road.

Munuswamy was rushed to Rajiv Gandhi Hospital by ambulance for treatment. After that, he was given intensive treatment there. Munuswamy, treated at the hospital in serious condition, died yesterday. Following this, the T. Nagar police have registered a case and arrested T. Rajendar's car driver Selvam.

Also, during the police investigation, the Police said that the car belonged to actor Simbu and on the day of the incident, Simbu's father, actor T. Rajendar was in his car with his family when the accident took place. 

It is said that when Police investigated, T. Rajendar has told that he would give RS.30,000 for the old man. But now, when they called, T. Rajendar was not answering the calls. Now the talk has turned to say that director and actor T. Rajendar has absconded.