Marudhamalai: Sick Mother Elephant Rescued But Calf Missing

Forest Department Rescues A Mother Elephant
Forest Department Rescues A Mother Elephant

In the Marudhamalai area of Coimbatore, a mother elephant is receiving treatment for dehydration with the help of the forest department. The officers are currently searching for the mother elephant's missing calf.

The Maruthamalai area leads to a dense forest, which is frequently visited by wild elephants. In recent days, many videos were circulated on social media showing elephants wandering around the Maruthamalai temple. Devotees were restricted from visiting the temple at certain times. 

Elephant Rescue:

Two days ago, the residents of the Maruthamalai area in Coimbatore informed the Coimbatore forest department about the sound of an elephant in distress. The Trumpet sound was aloud, which made the locals comprehend that the elephant was in danger. 

Mother Elephant And A Baby Elephant:

Upon arrival, the forest department discovered a 40-year-old mother elephant in critical condition, accompanied by her 4-month-old baby elephant. The mother elephant appeared to be unwell and was emitting distressing sounds.

Upon witnessing the situation, the forest department promptly took rescue measures and discovered that the mother elephant was dehydrated and had a fever. They provided the elephant with food and water, but the elephant was not able to consume it as its condition was too low and ill.

The mother elephant health was analyzed by the experts, and said that it would receive medical treatment soon. Later the mother elephant was provided with water-rich foods to restore its hydration. Since it was dehydrated the forest officials tied the belt with four straps to help the elephant stand. 

The Baby Elephant: 

To note, generally, the elephant calves intake mother's milk for two years, but in this case, since the mother elephant's sickness, the 4-month-old calf was starved for two days and ran around the mother for food. Later, the forest department also provided the calf with juicy food through a tube while the mother elephant was being treated. 

Mother Elephant Condition:

The update on the mother elephant's condition brings a ray of hope to initial concerns. With proper treatment, the mother elephant's appetite has shown good signs of improvement. She now reaches a daily intake of 100 kilograms, compared to barely eating anything initially. However, the mother elephant has yet to meet the optimal range of 200 to 300 kilograms per day.

The forest department provides the elephant with a nutritious array of food rich in water to help its fast recovery. The department gives grasses, small plants, bushes, fruit, twigs, tree bark, Jack fruit, Jaggery, Sugarcane, and roots to ensure the elephant's health. The officers often pour water on the mother elephant to keep it hydrated.

Even with a lot of aid, the mother elephant is still in need of assistance to stand, and so the supportive belts are not yet removed. In this situation, the baby elephant received care through tubes and was nurtured with juicy foods and the mother's milk. Careful treatment is given to ensure the mother elephant's full recovery. 

Baby Elephant Missing: 

In this case, the baby elephant went missing for the past few hours, and it is suspected that it would have gone with its elephant herd to the forest. Officers are using a drone camera to track and rescue the calf. The forest officers said that the baby elephant could only survey the forest for 12 hours and then would need to return to its mother for food. 

The Forest Department Announcement: 

The forest department in this case has taken good measures and provided help for the mother elephant and its calf. The officers set up a tent and stayed there to help the elephant. They also said that they are not going to leave until the mother elephant stands on its own and takes its calf back to the forest by itself.

Hearing the news, people in Marudhamalai are attempting to see the elephant, but the forest department officers are not allowing them near the elephant for their safety and the mother elephant's safety.