Masinagudi Forest Faces Dry Summer, Forest Department Takes Action


The usually green Masinagudi forest which is situated at Mudumalai Tiger Reserve is battling the harsh realities of a hot summer. With scant rainfall, the forest has become dry, posing difficulties for the resident wildlife.

The lack of rain has significantly impacted water availability within the forest, creating a harsh environment for animals. Recognizing this challenge, the forest department has taken swift action.

Forest officials are working diligently to ensure that animals have access to adequate water sources within the forest itself. This proactive approach aims to mitigate the effects of the dry spell on the wildlife population.

While the forest department's efforts prioritize animal welfare, tourists visiting Masinagudi might be disappointed by the current state of the environment. The usual lush greenery may be hard to find due to the dry conditions. The interior of the forest is on fire, and it is expected that many reptiles and animals have died.

The forest department's commitment to protecting wildlife and livestock during this critical time is commendable. Their efforts prioritize the well-being of the animals while acknowledging the potential impact on tourism.