TN Budget 2021: Minister Panneerselvam Announced TN Agriculture Budget

TN Agriculture Budget
TN Agriculture Budget

In Tamil Nadu, the cabinet headed by Chief Minister Stalin presented the general budget for the first time yesterday. It was an E Budget method, and it was a paperless presentation.

On this note, a separate budget for the agriculture sector is being tabled today. Tamil Nadu is the third state in India to file this budget for the Agriculture sector. A few days ago, Agriculture Minister M. R. K. Panneer Selvam held consultations with agricultural organizations on the features to be included in this sector.

It is planned to increase the area under agricultural cultivation to 75%. Steps will be taken to improve the site under two-crop cultivation from 10 lakh to 20 lakh hectares. A new project will be launched to convert 11.75 lakh hectares of barren lands into cultivable lands within the next ten years. It has been decided to provide more crop loans through the cooperative society.

Tarpaulins will be provided to prevent paddy bundles from being affected by rain. Rs 52.02 crore will be provided to farmers to buy tarpaulins. Legumes will be provided at the lunch program and ration shops.

Subsidies will be provided for vegetable and lettuce cultivation in all districts. A subsidy of Rs. 95 crore will be allocated. Indian gooseberry, also known as Vitamin C box, is cultivated on 200 hectares. Steps will be taken to sell palm oil through ration shops. The palm development movement has been launched.

Rs.29.12 crores have been allocated for fruit cultivation. Rs 40 crore has been earmarked for sugarcane farmers and Rs 21.80 crore for buying goods vehicles. Rs 5 crore has been given to provide agricultural training to the youth. Subsidies will be provided for vegetable, Spinach and lettuce cultivation in all districts. A subsidy of Rs. 95 crore will be allocated for these.

The minimum support price for paddy has been raised. The incentive for ordinary paddy has been increased from Rs.50 to Rs.75. Ordinary paddy will be procured for Rs. 2015 per quintal. Incentives for thin paddy quintal have been increased from 70 to 100 per quintal. Paddy quintal thin variety Rs. Purchased by 2060.