Minor Boy Rape Case: 3 Priests Arrested In Chennai Under Pocso

Chennai Teen Boy Rape Case
Chennai Teen Boy Rape Case

A Priest and Two Assailants are arrested under the Posco Act for sexually harassing a 14-year-old boy in Chennai. The court passed the judgment and sent the accused to Puzhal jail.

Minor Boy:

The report says that the 14-year-old boy's parents were separated, and the boy and his 17-year-old brother stayed with his father in the city, whereas their mother left for her parent's house. In this case, the boy's father often traveled for work, and during his absence, he would leave them at his brother's house in Ramapuram.

The boy's uncle's family conducted a pooja in their house While the boys were in his house. The uncle invited the three priests to perform rituals at his house unaware of the danger.  The three priests took the younger boy to a separate room and sexually harassed him when others did not notice them. The boy never opened up about the issue to anyone.

The Police Complaint:

This incident was brought to light months later the assault happened when the teenage boy's mother noticed the bruises on his body and his genitals. The boy confessed this to his mother after she questioned him about it. Shocked by the news, the mother filed a complaint against the priest in Valasaravakam police station recently. 

The Police investigated the case and identified the accused Harish 38, Jayakumar 30, both from West Mambalam and Satish 41 from Choolaimedu who raped the teen. The police arrested them under the Posco Act and sent them to Puzhal Jail.