Married Man Harassed and Blackmailed 19 Year Old Girl

School Girl Trapped by a Fake ID on Facebook
School Girl Trapped by a Fake ID on Facebook

Married Man caught red-handed with more than 500 videos of 200 women who were trapped by Facebook chats. He is arrested under the POCSO Act for harassing minor girls. 

14-year-old-girl from Puducherry was residing with her parents doing her standard nine. Her parents bought her an android phone for her online classes. She studied well, so her parents didn't bother her when she was fidgeting with her mobile phone all day.

One night the 14-year-old girl got caught by her mother when she was standing without clothes in front of her mobile. The girl was exposing her body to the phone that shocked the innocent mother. 

Mother asked her what was going on and what made her do such shameful stuff. When the mother asked her rudely, the story behind the video was said.

The 14-year-old-girl  was using her mobile throughout the day, even when there are no online classes. When the days went by, she installed the FACEBOOK application and started to surf good-looking guys.

During her search, she found an ID named Salem whose profile was filled with handsome pictures of a young boy. By seeing the picture, the poor girl got attracted and sent him a friend request.

The other person accepted the request, and they befriended each other. The conversation began with Hi! and it continued. The chat was very formal initially, and then the honeyed words poured from the side of that unknown person.

This little girl fell for those words and started to spend more time with him. Later, when the boy proposed, she accepted without any regrets. The chat extended to dirty conversations. 

That girl's age made her get attracted to those kinds of chats and fell into the trap. The boy on the other side asked her to send her personal images initially, the girl rejected but later ran she started to sent him whenever he asked.

This relationship was going for around four months by sharing the personal photos and chats. Even the boy used to send her private photos that made the girl trust him, the girl said.

The boy started to force her to do a live chat multiple times in a day. He began to ask for many times a day. This was disagreed with by the little girl.

When the girl disagreed, he blackmailed her, saying that he will leak the photos on social media. He was continuously threatening, and therefore she was sending him her private photos. Only at that time the girl; got caught with her mother.

The girl's mother filed a complaint against the Facebook ID at Muthialpet Police Station, and the police started to investigate. During the investigations, many shocking reports were collected by the police.

When the police initiated the search using the Facebook address, they found that the ID was a fake account and the actual owner of the ID was not the person who messaged the 14-year-old-girl.

Then the police searched the person by tracking the phone number with the help of Cyber Crime. Then with the rush, the criminal Kamala Kannan was trapped by the police.

Tp notices Kamala Kannan is an M.A., M.Phil., B.ED graduate who is already married and has a kid. Police grabbed both the smartphones from him and got shocked after seeing the mobile phone files.

He has more than 500 adults videos of more than 200 women, including school girls and majors. He said during further investigation that he would create a fake ID on Facebook, send requests from random girls, initiate the text, and get the mobile number.

Later, when the girl accepts the proposal, he will continue to flirt and then ask for private pictures and videos. After the inquiry, he was arrested under POCSO Act. 

This is just one incident among the thousands that are happening.  It is a must to look after the children in the digital world. It is better to get back the mobile phone once the online classes are over.

It is better to monitor the children during phone usage. It is always safe to use the child lock and history track. It doesn't mean that the parents are not trusting the children; instead, parents are shielding the children because they don't get trapped with strangers on social media.