MLA Son Anto Mathivanan And Wife Domestic Violence Case In Detail

DMK MLA Karunanithi Son Anto Mathivanan And Wife
DMK MLA Karunanithi Son Anto Mathivanan And Wife

The Neelangarai Women's Police have registered a case against the son and daughter-in-law Marlina of Pallavaram DMK MLA Karunanithi based on the complaint of harassment (Domestic help abuse) of a young lady, Rekha who worked at home.

DMK MLA Karunanidhi's son, Anto Mathivanan, lives in Green Meadows Apartment in Thiruvanmiyur with his wife Merlina. In this situation, it is alleged that Anto Mathivanan's wife bullied the young woman who worked at his house in the name of getting a job.

Meanwhile, a video of the concerned young woman crying over the abuse she was subjected to has gone viral on social media. In that video, the woman went to work at DMK MLA Karunanidhi's son's house through an agent.

The Dalit woman reported that she had completed 12th grade and had been employed as a domestic help through an agent. She worked in Chennai for seven months at the house of Karunanithi's son, Anto Mathivanan, and his wife, Marlina Anto. According to her, the MLA Family used to "physically assault" her in "whatever way they wished to," and she claimed that she was not paid her wages.

She stated that Merlina would slap her on her face even for the smallest mistakes. When Anto Mathivanan and his wife Marlina Anto went for an occasion, they ordered her to prepare food by 6 am. She slept at 2 am after packing and sending them off since she had slept at 2 am the previous night.

 And so Anto Mathivanan's wife burnt the victim Rekha's hands using a hair straightener. She mentioned that despite the extent of the torture and bleeding, Anto Mathivanan's wife, Merlin Anto, did not take her to the hospital, and she had to treat her injuries herself. It is said that when the victim was overbleeding, Marlina Anto was given ice cubes to treat the swells.

The victim, Rekha, was made to sit naked in front of the other maids by Merlin Anto. The woman also revealed that the couple threatened her, emphasizing that they come from an "MLA's family" and indicating that nobody would come to her aid if she disclosed the alleged torture. Marlina Anto forced her to sign an agreement to work as a maid for them for the next two years.

The issue came to light when the Rekha was dropped off at her house during Pongal. Her family took her to a government hospital in Ulundurpet after noticing injury marks on her body. The hospital alerted the police after assessing her injuries. 

After this video went viral, BJP state president Annamalai, Naam Tamilar Party chief coordinator Seeman and many others raised their voices of condemnation, saying that strict action should be taken against the Karunanithi's son, Anto Mathivanan, and his wife,  Marlina Anto.

In this situation, Neelangara police have registered a case against MLA Karunanidhi's son, Ando and daughter-in-law, Merlina. A case has been registered under the sections of SC and ST Atrocities Act, Child Protection Act, obscenity, assault and intimidation.

DMK MLA Karunanithi said that he is unaware of what has happened in his son's house and that the government can take any action against them.