MLA Son Anto Mathivanan And Wife Marlina Case Updates On Allegations

MLA Son Anto Mathivanan And His Wife Marlina
MLA Son Anto Mathivanan And His Wife Marlina

An update has come in Pallavaram DMK MLA Karunanidhi's son Anto Mathivanan and his daughter-in-law Marlina's case. Anto Mathivanan and his ife Marlina gave the response audio to the victim's allegation.

Pallavaram DMK MLA Karunanidhi's son Anto Mathivanan lives in Thiruvanmiyur with his wife Marlina and child. Since Anto Mathivanan and Marlina are busy with their work, they have employed a young lady named Rekha via an agent to do household work.

It was alleged that the woman Rekha, who worked there, was assaulted and molested by DMK MLA Karunanidhi's daughter-in-law Marlina. Following this, a case under section six has been registered at the Thiruvanmiyur Women's Police Station. A case has also been filed under six sections, including SC/ST sections, obscenity and death threats.

This case has been in conversation among the public, as there have been no updates for the past two days. In this case, the details of the first information report of this case have been released. The allegations made by the victim include:

When DMK MLA Karunanidhi's son Anto Mathivanan went to Mumbai with his family, Marlina scolded me after returning home because I was late preparing food for the child. This happened before their child. She put on a song and asked me to dance so that the child would not think wrong.

Also, her husband hit her with a broom, saying that I should work faster. When I told them that I didn't know how to cook and wash clothes, they would beat me even if there was a small amount of dirt, and they told me to eat ten green chillies.

When I told them that it had been seven months since I saw my mother, they beat me without a dress, tortured me, and told me to sign an agreement that if I didn't work here for three years, then action could be taken against my mother and my brother.

They often called me caste names and beat me up. I told her everything that happened when I went to our mother on the 16th for the Pongal holiday. She took me to Ulundurpet Hospital and treated me."  Thus, in the first information report, an allegation has been filed on the victim's part.

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