My V3 Ads Case Updates: MD Sakthi Anandan Submitted Relevant Documents

My V3 Ads MD Sakthi Anandan
My V3 Ads MD Sakthi Anandan

Sakthi Anandan, the MD of MY V3 Ads, runs an app called My v3 Ads based in Coimbatore. He also runs a YouTube channel. This My v3 Ads YouTube channel is advertised to earn more by watching ads and recruiting people by referrals.

My v3 Ads says that you can become a member by paying in various categories ranging from 360 rupees to 1 lakh 21 thousand rupees, and you can earn from 5 rupees to 1800 rupees by viewing ads on your mobile phone daily. My v3 Ads also sell Ayurvedic capsules to the public.

Lakhs of people have invested their money in My v3 Ads. Apart from Tamil Nadu, various states, including Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, have joined as members.

In this case, there was a complaint that it is illegal to give pills without a doctor's prescription. Also, there was a complaint that action should be taken against the company My v3 Ads for deceiving the public and charging huge amounts of money by pretending to see more income by viewing daily advertisements. 

Meanwhile, on January 29, more than 10,000 people gathered on Neelampur Bypass Road in Coimbatore, claiming that a false complaint had been filed supporting My v3 Ads. After that, the police, who negotiated, dispersed. At the same time, they have registered a case against the My v3 Ads company in 3 categories: recruiting people to assemble for protest, improper detention, and causing nuisance in public places.

In this case, Sakthi Anandan appeared at the Coimbatore Crime Branch police station today. The city crime branch has summoned Sakthi Anandan, managing director of a private company, to appear before it for questioning. Following this, Sakthi Anandan appeared before the Coimbatore City Crime Branch police at the Coimbatore City Police Commissioner's office yesterday, along with his advocates.

The police questioned him for more than two hours. Later, he addressed the reporters. Speaking to reporters, Sakthi Anandan, managing director, said, "How are the members of our company being paid? The police also questioned the details of the products being sold. I replied appropriately. And I have 87 types of merchandise. I have submitted samples of relevant documents and materials.

I have answered all the questions asked to me by the police. Whenever I call again, I will come and explain in person." He also said clearly that he didn't gather the crowd at the L&T Bypass road, which happedned on January 29.