New Scheme To Get Licence At Rs 50 By TN Transportation Department

Representative Image
Representative Image

The Tamil Nadu Department of Transport has implemented a new scheme to reduce driving licence costs.

There are two types of procedures followed to obtain a driving license. One is to get trained through driving schools and apply for a driving license. Another is to apply for and get a driver's license by self-learning. Applying through driving schools costs a lot of money. And even those who have learned to drive themselves must go to a training school to get a license as they don't have their vehicle.

In this situation, the Tamil Nadu Government's Transport Department is taking a new initiative to benefit the public. If you don't have a vehicle, there is no more problem for those who want to apply and get their driver's license on their own. Henceforth, separate vehicles will be used in each RTO office. For this, the Tamil Nadu government has brought 145 driving license examination vehicles for 62 crores.

The public welcomes this new implementation by the Tamil Nadu Transport Department.