What Leaders Express About No Relaxation in Lockdown Till May 3

Tamil Nadu No Relaxation in Lockdown Till May 3
Tamil Nadu No Relaxation in Lockdown Till May 3

Tamil Nadu to maintain lockdown status quo until May 3 as the chief minister announced it yesterday, April 20. There will be no relaxation of any sort whatsoever, and what all remained closed until April 19 night will continue closed till May 3. The Tamil Nadu government has taken this unavoidable step as the infected cases are rising continuously and now crossed 1500 and deaths at 17.

But, many Tamil people are starving to death. Also, many migrants are dead on their way back home. Now, all these migrant works issues sorted out by providing food and shelter by the respective city police team, which is frequently shared on social media.  And many leaders have expressed their opinion on it including

Fisheries Minister D.Jayakumar About No Relaxation in Lockdown Till May 3

  • Nobody in Tamil Nadu expected any relaxation in the lockdown.
  • Everyone can earn money anytime, and only life is important. The main concern of the government is not to let the coronavirus spread to go to the third stage.
  • The decision to continue lockdown is only for the welfare of the people.
  • It is a policy decision, and all reviews are underway by the chief minister, and it is only him to take care of the relief measures to the poor due to the extension of lockdown.

A. Vikramaraja, president Tamil Nadu traders union About No Relaxation in Lockdown Till May 3

  • We were expecting many relaxations of the lockdown from the chief minister today.
  • If the charges at the toll gates are not stopped, the prices of commodities will rise.
  • Minimum of Rs. 5,000 for small traders is essential as many of them are starving now

Alagiri, Tamil Nadu Congress Chief About No Relaxation in Lockdown Till May 3

  • Only now the tests are increasing, and hence there is now a rise in the infected cases also.
  • Now the important thing is to test and isolate those infected persons.
  • Deliver the essential commodities to the doorsteps of the hotspots.

Rama Seshan, Financial Expert About No Relaxation in Lockdown Till May 3.

  • When the Kerala government made some relaxations, the central government asked them not to do it and wanted more stringent lockdown measures.
  • There is no cash flow in the market, and it is like a chain reaction affecting everyone.
  • Though EMIs are postponed, without salaries and no savings it could cause an economic impact until July.

Muthrarasan, leader communist party of India About No Relaxation in Lockdown Till May 3

  • On April 16 before a lot of presspersons, the chief minister had said that the coronavirus is reducing in Tamil Nadu and will vanish soon.
  • The reply of minister Jayakumar to the steps take to safeguard the people for the extended lockdown is not specific, and there are no proper reliefs to the poor people.
  • Daily wagers without any savings are those affected by it and saving them is important.
  • The communist party is continuously insisting on the free test to all people.
  • Delhi CM Kejriwal has confirmed that without any contact there are many infected persons now.
  • If by what the state, central government, and minister say that the life of the people is only relevant, then how lives can be saved without food?