North Indian Workers Suffers Without Job In Tamil Nadu

Image Credit: Rediff
Image Credit: Rediff

Northern state workers were hit by a train last night, which caused a sensation in the locality.

Northern state workers work in the Tirupur district's textile and related industries. And many are running their shops in many places in and around Coimbatore. Sanjeev Kumar, a resident of Bihar, owns and runs a cloth oil degreasing shop in Boyampalayam.

Sanjeev Kumar was hit by a train from Thiruvananthapuram to Chennai on the Tirupur track at one o'clock last night. The train loco pilot has informed us about this. The railway police recovered the body and sent it to Tirupur District Government Medical College Hospital for postmortem.

After this, due to the spread of rumours that Sanjeev Kumar was killed and left on the tracks, many North State workers gathered in front of the Tirupur Railway Police Station. They also raised suspicions that Sanjeev Kumar's mobile phone and vehicles were at home and why he would come to the railway station at night. So they alleged that he was murdered.

In this regard, North State workers say, "For the past few months, we have been continuous without work in our companies. Similarly, there is panic among the workers due to the spreading of information about the danger to the North State workers."