Online Class is not a bane of its kind-Aspire Swaminathan, AIADMK IT Wing Secretary

Online Class
Online Class

Online Class is not a bane of its kind-Aspire Swaminathan, AIADMK IT Wing Secretary: CoronaVirus pandemic and it's lockdown has a huge impact on the daily survival of common people. The inconvenience prevails unrepairable, mainly among schools and colleges due to the fear of crowds. However, the private school management are tackling the situation somehow via online education irrespective of its boon or bane.

In an interview to the Thanthi Tv exclusively, Aspire Swaminathan, IT Wing Secretary of AIADMK party opens up about his views on schools conducting online classes for students at home due to CoVid lockdown.

The reporter questioned the difficulties faced by the Kinder Garden to Higher Secondary students due to the online classes by the school management in order to collect fees and also the stress of attending digital classes for 6-7 hours continuously.

Replying to the debate query, Aspire Swaminathan stated that he opposes the stress involved in continuous online classes as per usual school timings claiming that most of the kids in this generation are digitally inseparable and has the ability to engage virtually for infinite hours without food, sleep and communication. He says that the challenge is not for kids in digital learning but the main confrontation lies within the handlers of online education.

Aspire Swaminathan, IIM alumnus, clarifies that online education is not the fact of sitting before live online portals and attending classes alone. He classifies it into two: Synchronous and Asynchronous learning due to the difficulty in real-time interaction.

It also divides into Visual and Text-Based learnings for a better understanding about online education. To be specific, schools motive is to hold the students and collect fees in the curfew situation, but no longer online education is a bane to the students.

Due to online education, Rural India's internet penetration has increased 45%, says Aspire. But the channel disapproves of the statement claiming that Rural India's internet availability is only 50% proving that whatever the situation only half of the public will get benefited via internet and the remains will be dumb as usual.

NandhaKumar from the Private Schools Association struggles to prove the essence of online education more than fees in the debate to Thanthi Tv recently. Despite all, Educationist Prince Kajendra Babu enquires about the missing equality in education prevailing out of CoVid inside the country.

He knocks the point that the entire behavior of Private Education clarifies the importance of money to attain knowledge and the same cannot be handled by the democratic Government.

Gaining knowledge is not the debate but the expenses and stress handled by the families of private school students is undoubtedly a money rendering technique even if the world stops its rotation.