Ooty Weather: Summer Rain Climate Gathers Tourists Breaking Heatwaves

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The first summer rain fell in Ooty yesterday, and it lasted more than an hour, sparking excitement among the tourists. It is anticipated that the inflow of tourists will begin earlier this year.

This year's summer season has turned out to be even worse, as we could experience the heat from February. Even the Nilgiri district, which is the hotspot in the month of summer, faced extreme heat this year. In this situation, Summer rain poured out in Ooty and the nearby localities.

Even the Masinagudi forest areas appear dry due to the scorching sun, and the land has become parched. Tourists visiting Masinagudi are returning disappointed. Due to the dry season of the forest, there are frequent forest fires.

Ooty Rains:

In this situation, there was a sudden change in the weather in Ooty and the surrounding areas yesterday. Dark clouds gathered in the sky, and a cold wind blew. Heavy summer rains began to fall and lasted for more than half an hour.

Due to this, the impact of intense heat has decreased in Ooty, resulting in a cooler climate, much to the delight of the residents, farmers, and tourists.