Organs of Brain Dead Patient in Salem GH Saves Three Other Patients in Tamil Nadu

Organs of Brain Dead Patient in Salem GH Saves Three Other Patients in Tamil Nadu
Organs of Brain Dead Patient in Salem GH Saves Three Other Patients in Tamil Nadu

Braindead Sivalingam gives life to three patients with his body parts: Sivalingam, aged 58 years, met with an accident and declared brain dead. His son Ramalingam donates his father's body organs to those who need it. Salem government hospital has successfully, for the first time, transplanted many body organs to give life to three others within 6 hours.

Is it the medical accomplishment by the doctors of the Salem hospital to transplant the brain dead Sivalingam's body parts to others is to be praised, or that of Ramalingam, in spite of his father declared brain dead wanted others to live with his body parts is a debate worth to be held anywhere. And the sad part is the brain dead Sivalingam was without any disease, which made the body parts transplantation quick and effective to save three lives.

Sivalingam of Nallipalayam in Namakkal district met with an accident on January 15. He was treated in Namakkal government hospital initially and for further treatment sent to Salem government hospital. But on January 19, at 1 PM, he was declared brain dead by the doctors. Immediately, Sivalingam’s son Ramalingam even in the worst situation, agreed to donate his entire father's body organs to those who are in badly need of them.

Salem doctors immediately contacted many hospitals in Tamil Nadu regarding the availability of organs. Under the supervision of Dr. Periyasamy, kidney operation specialist, doctors removed the heart, liver, and two kidneys of Sivalingam within two and a half hours.

  • The heart was sent by flight to Chennai to be implanted to a fifty-five years old patient in Mahatma Gandhi hospital.
  • One of the two kidneys was sent to KMCH in Coimbatore to be fixed to 52 years old kidney failure patient.
  • The other kidney was attached to a 25 years old patient in Salem government hospital.
  • But the liver transplant, due to complications with the recipient patient, was not done.

Dr. Balaji Nathan, the chief doctor of Salem government hospital, congratulated his team of doctors for making this medical accomplishment happen within a short time frame of only 6 hours for the first time. He also emphasized the fact that donating the body organs of one person saves many lives.