PM Modi Visit: Tribute To Vijayakanth And Praises Tamil Language

PM Modi And CM Stalin
PM Modi And CM Stalin

Addressing a gathering in Trichy, Prime Minister Modi expressed his admiration for the Tamil language and culture, emphasizing that there has never been a day when he has not spoken about their glory. Inaugurating the modern terminal at Trichy Airport, the Prime Minister also laid the foundation stone for a range of projects totalling Rs 20,140 crore in aviation, railways, highways, oil, gas, docks, and higher education.

Beginning his speech in Tamil, Prime Minister Modi greeted the audience with a heartfelt "Hello, my Tamil family; first of all, I wish you all a very Happy New Year 2024." He expressed the honour of having his first event of the year in Tamil Nadu. He highlighted the significance of the projects, valued at Rs. 20 thousand crores, which are set to contribute to the development of the state and generate significant employment opportunities.

Reflecting on the recent demise of actor and politician Vijayakanth, Prime Minister Modi mourned the loss to the film industry, politics, and the people. Describing Vijayakanth as a true captain in cinema and politics, he acknowledged the late icon's impact on the public's hearts. Prime Minister Modi also expressed sorrow over the passing of MS Swaminathan.

Paying tribute to the rich heritage of Tamil Nadu, Prime Minister Modi acknowledged the state's contribution to the nation's development through luminaries like Sir CV Raman. He praised scholars like Tiruvalluvar and Bharathiyar for their remarkable literary contributions, noting that each visit to Tamil Nadu fills him with new inspiration.