Pollachi Balloon Festival 2024 Hot Air Balloon Fly Time And Fees

Shape Balloons At Pollachi Balloon Festival 2024
Shape Balloons At Pollachi Balloon Festival 2024

The 9th International Balloon Festival has started at Pollachi Achipatti under the auspices of the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Department. A large number of tourists and the public have participated in it. The children are excited and are cheered by watching the hot air balloons fly.

Giant balloons are brought from different countries for this festival. Giant hot air balloons from America, England, Brazil, Netherlands, Canada, Belgium, Spain, Vietnam, France, and Thailand have come to Pollachi. It has been announced that the International Balloon Festival will continue until January 16.

In addition, the balloon festival also organizes musical performances, games for children and a food stall. Different shapes of balloons have been brought this year. The children are attracted to elephant, duck and frog shapes. Pilots, including a female pilot, have come to Pollachi to fly it.

This Pollachih Balloon Festival has gathered a better response from the public than in previous years. This Pongal is celebrated colourfully by the Coimbatore public this year.

When the public reaches the Achipati ground around 6 am, they can see the Hot Air Balloon setup and the arrangements made by the pilots to fly the Hot Air Balloons without an entry fee.