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52 Medical Students Are Tested Positive in Kanchipuram

Medical Students are tested positive on Kanchipuram

Tamil Nadu covid positive cases are increasing around the state. In the emergence of the second wave of Covid 19, the word 'Double Mutant Variant' fears the most. But there is nothing to get panic, if the safety measures are taken, which are advised by the government.

Tamil Nadu Health and Family Welfare Department reported, '191,90,11,118, samples from the state have been tested to date. Of that, 80,634 samples were sent yesterday'.

Overall, 259 Corona testing facilities are in the state of these 69 are under government, and 19 are private facilities.

In Kanchipuram, Private Medical College, 40 students are tested positive recently, whereas already 12 students are sent home after tested positive.

It is to be noted that these students are from the same class. Overall, 52 students are tested positive from that particular college. The new positive tested students are being treated in the government maintenance center, said the college's senior official.

Meanwhile, the government has ordered to close all Medical Colleges and hostels and conduct online classes.