Public Fear Intensed For Covid 19 Following Captain Vijayakanth Death

Representative Image
Representative Image

The fear of COVID-19 infection has been intense among the public following the death of the actor and DMDMK leader death.

The public started panicking following the COVID-19 spread and the recent deaths. To clarify this, the experts are clear that there is no need to panic about the spread of the COVID-19 virus as the number of cases is controllable and the infection is not vigorous.

Jn. 1 virus has also spread, and new cases are found in Coimbatore. However, the health department said that there is no need to panic. In this situation, it is said that more people have been affected in Kerala, but one person has also been affected by this mutated coronavirus infection in Tamil Nadu. A person in the Coimbatore Puliyakulam area has tested positive for Omicron JN.1 infection.

He even recovered from the virus and has returned home. It is advised that older adults must be conscious of their health. It is better to wear a mask and maintain social distancing in public, especially in crowded areas.