Puducherry: 3 Storey Building Collapse Due To Drainage Work

Building Collapse At Attupatti
Building Collapse At Attupatti

Due to a hole dug in the drain, a newly constructed 3-storey house in Puducherry, where the housewarming ceremony was to be held, tilted and collapsed completely.

In Puducherry, the Uppanar drain is the outlet for all the sewage from the city's upper reaches. It has not been repaired for many years. Above this, a flyover has been constructed from Kamaraj Road to Kiramalai Adigal Road. The work has been stalled for years due to non-payment of contractors.

This afternoon, steps were taken to repair the side of the drain and build a wall with the Poclain machine. For this, the JCP machine was involved in digging the soil of the canal. This caused vibration to the houses built on the side of the canal. The people of the area objected to this.

On hearing this information, the former MLA of the constituency, AIADMK state secretary Anbazagan, and the area's people gathered and protested against the canal's construction.

When the general public protested that the residences were being damaged due to excessive sand digging for the drain, a three-storey building constructed in the area collapsed suddenly. Unexpectedly, the public, the police and former MLA Anbazagan, who were standing near it, ran from there.

It is said that the three-story building was newly constructed and was where the housewarming ceremony was to be held. The building owners were pouring out their emotions with uncontrollable tears. The video of the pink building collapsing went viral on social media.

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