Quarterly and Half-yearly Marks are not important, 10th and 11th All Pass

Quarterly and Half-yearly Marks are not important, 10th and 11th All Pass
Quarterly and Half-yearly Marks are not important, 10th and 11th All Pass

All the tenth and eleventh standard students in Tamil Nadu are promoted to the eleventh standard irrespective of their quarterly and half-yearly marks. M.Palanisamy, SCERT director, has announced this today June 19 to the happiness of all students. It ends a few days of confusion over the ways of passing the students, depending on their performance quarterly and half-yearly exams. Only yesterday, the education minister announced strict action against schools of any irregularities and forming a separate panel to deal with those complaints.

All pass for 10th and 11th students in Tamil Nadu 

More than nine lakh tenth students in Tamil Nadu were biting their nails for more than three months about their tenth public exams. When they were about to write the exams, coronavirus played havoc, and it was postponed. The government announced first announced the exams to be held from June 1. Then it was postponed to June 15.

A PIL was filed in the Madras High Court against conducting the exams now due to the rising coronavirus infections. The court asked the government to state the emergency of conducting the exams now and not later. It did not ask the government to cancel the exams. But the chief minister announced the cancellation of exams and promotion for all the tenth students.

Confusion over the CM's order 

In the last few days after the CM's order, there was massive confusion among government and private schools. It was about no proper guidelines from the government on many issues regarding the marks and grades for the students. Many school headmasters believed that passing some students with low scores in the quarterly and half-yearly exams is not possible. There were also rumors of private schools demanding money from the parents to give good marks to the students.

M.Palanisamy, the director of SCERT or state council for education and research training, announced that all students of the tenth and eleventh standard should be promoted irrespective of their quarterly and quarterly performance half-yearly exams.

Coronavirus a boon or bane to 10th students

It is only because of coronavirus that the students of the tenth and eleventh standards are promoted. But the tenth standard public exam is the fundamental exam for students to test their studying skills. The weak students may fail and have to write again to pass or opt for ways to showcase their other talents.

 But for lakhs of students who have medium to high standards of studying capabilities, the tenth standard exam will decide on the main subject they have to take for the higher secondary classes. And the science and computer group are only given to students with more top marks. It is the perception that only they can study such hard subjects to become doctors, engineers, and other professional courses.

 The medium students opt for accounts and other subjects that are relatively easy for them to pass higher secondary exams. However, with all pass and marks based on the quarterly and half-yearly exams, it is a big blow to these students. They have prepared hard for the exams for more than the usual period of 10 months to 12 months with hopes of getting high marks.

 The CBSE tenth and twelfth pending exams in July are to be announced on June 23. If our students were given a chance in July like CBSE to write the exams, it could have avoided their disappointment and would have been a lot beneficial and satisfying to them is the opinion of many parents.

But it is a coronavirus that is playing havoc in everyone's life in the world and that of the students also. Hence they have to forget the past and be ready for the higher secondary studies soon.