Remdesivir: Tamil Nadu Is In Demand for Remdesivir


Remdesivir is in high demand in Tamil Nadu as the covid cases are getting high even after the day of lockdown. The second wave is getting furious in Tami Nadu, mainly in Chennai, Chengalpattu, Coimbatore, Madurai, and Thiruvallur.

The need for Remdesivir is more in recent days, especially when the positive cases were exceeding 20,000 in a day. Initially, the medicine was only available in Chennai Kilpauk medical college on behalf of the Tamil Nadu Medical Services Corporation.

It is now distributed in five districts, namely  Madurai, Trichy, Salem, Coimbatore, and Tirunelveli districts, from April 9. Remdesivir is sold at the Government Medical College Hospital premises at Palayankottai in Tirunelveli district as well.

The sale of Remdesivir at the Madurai Government Medical College started on the 8th following the increase in the incidence in Madurai.   In this situation, Madurai district and various districts, including Theni, Dindigul, Virudhunagar, Ramanathapuram, and Sivagangai, had been waiting in large numbers at Medical College since last night.

The government plans to increase sales of Remdesivir in Tamil Nadu, where people have been severely affected by the second wave of the corona.

Remdesivir is an injection that treats Coronavirus infection and helps the patients for a speedy recovery.  This medicine will be injected into the patient's veins for 5 to 10 days. This medicine must be given in a slow process as it takes 30 to 1220 minutes to infuse.

Since yesterday was a Sunday holiday, the medicine was not sold, and so the relatives of the patients have been waiting in long queues to buy medicine since this morning.

The queue for getting the medicine is a never-ending queue where one can witness the patient's relatives standing for several days to buy medicines to save the lives of their close ones.

People are standing in queues starving for more than three days, and in this phase, it is hard to see that the medicines are sold at black markets.

As a precautionary measure, the police stopped security at the entrance and allowed people to come inside to buy medicine only after a proper check. The package, which contains a total of six doses, sells for Rs 9,408.

It has been reported that those who come to buy Remdesivir should bring six documents, namely the patient's corona test certificate, CD scan test certificate, doctor's prescription certificate original, original and copy of the patient's Aadhar card, a copy of the Aadhar card of the person coming to buy the drug and the original.

The doctor's prescription brought by the relatives of the patients is examined by the doctor at the drug sales center, and then the medicine is given.

If the reports state that the patient has a mild effect, they will return the information that they do not need the medicine. Thus many who had been waiting in long queues returned with disappointment.